About us


Burmond was formed by the founders of Inwestec. A group of people dedicated to finding the next Unicorn, or filling gaps in niched markets. A couple of years ago they saw the lack of variety in exclusive training clothes, and set out on a mission to create a sporty fashion concept that combines function with luxury.

Burmond is the intersection of luxury and functionality – ATHLUXURY.

The aim is and will always be to create unique training products with exclusive fabrics and materials. Burmond is designed to be a premium brand with modern design, which underlines every personality of a self-confident woman.


The aim with Burmond’s collections is to attain a modern, eclectic, but timeless style, not linked to a particular season of trends. All this, along with the fundamental purpose of highlighting the beauty of women.

In the threshold between training and leisure, there is an ideal aesthetic that combines fashion and function with the essential requirement of comfort. Burmond mixes elements of style, luxury and function into very refined clothing that transcends the garment’s distinctive function. The technical fabrics with high functionality, the emblem with 24K Gold, and dynamic forms are the principal characteristics of the collection. Combined with a sportive soul, our own pattern and fitted shapes creates a fresh and unique style. 


The team behind Burmond designs have worked with over 250 different brands worldwide. The people involved in the project are a few of Sweden’s most established designers. The inspiration for the capsule collection originates from different aspects of life, such as music, movies, architecture and art. The final product when combining these aspects results in a unique collection that stands out from the other brands in that segment. Burmond is a reflection of the modern confident woman.